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Koinonia Solar Panels

Koinonia Solar Panels 2
Koinonia Solar Panels 1
Koinonia Solar Panels
Koinonia Solar Panels 3

Sunday Gatherings

DSCN2360 September 2014
10-13-13 Gathering Oct 2013
DSCN2096 Gathering Summer 2014
DSCN2147 Gathering Aug 2014
DSCN2370 Garden Gathering 2014
DSCN2376-cropped Garden Gathering Sept 2014
Summer 2013 a
Summer 2013 b

Retreat at XLazyF Ranch - 2014


Soup Lunch 2011

Soup Lunch 2011-19

Learning about Koinonia Bees

Visiting the Beehive 2012-8
Learing about Bees 2012-7

Koinonia Community Garden

Koinonia-spring-2014-010 Community Garden
garden-8-2013-23 Community Garden
garden-8-2013-20 Community Garden
garden-8-2013-19 Community Garden
garden-8-2013-14 Community Garden
garden-8-2013-2 Community Garden
garden-8-2013-5 Community Garden
20141018_110115 New sign for the garden Sept 2014
20141018_105746 New mural for the garden Sept 2014
2012-6 Community Garden
6-12-garden-5 Community Garden
2014 Blooms at Koinonia
2013-10 Community Garden
2014 Koinonia Community Garden
20140830_102900 Community Garden Summer 2014

Crop Walk October 19, 2014

20141019_122602 Koinonia Walkers
20141019_132213 Koinonia Walkers
20141019_122544 Koinonia Walkers
10662213_332426910262083_3470784354219924124_o Koinonia Walkers
1618354_332428246928616_1755206460313632595_o Koinonia Walkers
1912184_332428043595303_7232888795879227584_o Koinonia Walkers
10655343_332426950262079_3795029102271871593_o Koinonia Walkers
10257821_332426816928759_4275318979456282768_o Koinonia Walkers
10265565_332427523595355_67149046787781640_o Koinonia Walkers

Hess Musicians, August 4, 2019

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