Spiritual Director

Ellen Ireland



For spiritual conversation and spiritual direction, please contact our Spiritual Director.



The volunteer Koinonia Council meets monthly to provide ongoing leadership, guidance, visioning, and decision making.

Current Council Members

Deb Allerton

Stan McNeese

Dave Orton

Eric Rechel

Bonnie Van Camp

Lay Leaders

Lay leaders are volunteers who share in the planning and facilitation of Sunday gatherings. Also known as the Gathering Team.

Current Lay Leaders

Craig Little

Judy Herr

Susan Williams

Dave Orton

Lay Ministers

Lay Ministers offer a supportive listening presence when needs arise. They can be contacted through Koinonia’s office. 

Current Lay Ministers

Liz Pray

Joanna Little

Sylvia Bingham



Koinonia uses a consensus model for making important decisions. In this model, a proposal is presented to the Council and then the community as needed. Discussion continues until consensus is reached. We consider consensus to be reaching the point at which all agree, or those in disagreement agree not to stand in the way of the decision.

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Office Hours

10:45 am to noon (Diane)

9 am to noon (Allison)

Miranda works remotely

Sunday Morning Gatherings are at 10:30 am

730 25 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81505

Email: administrator@koinoniagj.org
Tel:  970.242.3947

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