Work, the 4-letter Word

Paul and I had a Chemical Engineering professor named Dr. Holman. And at the beginning of every course he taught he would always say, “This is going to be an interesting semester.” At hearing this, most of the class would groan because we interpreted that phrase to mean, “This class is going to be difficult and hard work.” I now find myself wondering if Dr. Holman really did think the semester was going to be interesting and if any of my classmates were able to see all of those homework assignments and tests as interesting. Is it possible to see difficult tasks and hard work is interesting? Do you view work as a necessary evil to be avoided like the Mark Twain quote? Or do you believe Confuc

When Two Worlds Collide

This typed manuscript served as the basis for the oral message delivered by Rick MacArthur during the Sunday gathering on March 23, 2014. Every year, about this time, an unease falls on the religious sensibilities of good Church-going folks. It occurs in the springtime when the season of Lent unfolds. The awkwardness is felt as the story of Jesus’ death is retold, re-sung, and reenacted, all with great vigor, for all to see and hear. Here’s the essence of the story. Jesus is crucified. The story of his death on a cross and subsequent resurrection three days later as reported in the Gospels is seen by many as God’s stamp of approval on these events. A new religion is born. An old religion is

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