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Tai Chi

Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart. Relax. Feel suspended as if a string is attached at the top of your head pulling you up. Hands come up to your waist.

1. Push out as if holding a ball as you sink down as if you are sitting in the saddle of your horse. 2. Scoop your hands, lift your leg and cross your hands, touch down as you open. 3. Turn your shoulders and reach back and up. Hold your hips and head still facing forward. Draw a line down the middle of your face with your index finger. 4. This time turn your hips and reach across your body and behind as if you are holding something in your hands. 5. Take your hands with the back of your hands touching and bring them up and push your chest out as you open your hands and look up. Let your hands float down and bend your knees.

Lets try it all together.

Hands at your waist, sink down and push your hands out.

Now is the only time Be completely in the present moment. Now is the only time. Be here now.

Cross your hands and lift your leg up. Touch down and open your hands.

I am love. God loves me. I love you. I am love.

Turning your shoulders reach up and bring your index finder down.

I am vibrant. I am alive. I am safe. I am energized.

Turn the hips and reach across and behind you.

Thank you. I’m grateful for everything I have. Thank you. Thank you.

Touch the back of your hands and as you bring them up, push your chest out as your bend your knees and look up.

All is well, Everything is always turning out alright for me. All is well It truly is.

Now its time to celebrate.

Yes, Yes, Yes. Yes.

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