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Natural Wildlife Certification at Koinonia Message (Video)

Sunday Morning Message by Melode Mariner, "Natural Wildlife Certification at Koinonia"

Music by Catherine Eicher

We are holding all in our hearts during this time of uncertainty. Until we are able to meet again, we invite the Koinonia community to watch this Sunday morning message.

Order of Service...


Song: A Blessing

Message: by Melode Mariner

Natural Wildlife Certification at Koinonia

Song: Simple Gifts

Song:A Benediction

"When the Earth is sick and the wild animals are disappearing, a tribe made up of people from all cultures will come to say with deeds and not with words, that Love is the source of healing and will help restore life on the planet.”

- Hopi Prophecy

Our DNA is made out of the same DNA as the tree, the tree breaths what we exhale, we need what the tree exhales. So we have a common destiny with the tree.

-Floyd Red Crow Westerman

“… We recognize that we are part of the natural world. Humankind is not a species to which all of creation is subservient. Rather, it is one of many interrelated and interdependent facets of creation more vast than human understanding can grasp.”

- Faith and Practice, Intermountain Yearly Meeting, Advices 2006

“We are being given the opportunity to stitch a new garment. One that fits ALL humanity AND nature.”

-Brene Brown

“To Be Like A Tree”

by Parker Palmer

See how the trees

Reach up and outward

As if their entire existence

Were an elegant gesture of prayer.

See how they welcome the breath of spirit

In all its visible and invisible forms.

See how the roots reach downward and out,

Embracing the physical –

The body and bones

Of its soul of earth and stone,

Allowing half its life to be sheltered

In the most quiet and secret places.

Oh, if I could be more like a tree on this Sunday morning

To feel the breath of invisible spirit touch

Me as tenderly as a kiss on the forehead.

If I could courageously and confidently

Dig down into the dark

Where the ground water runs deep,

Where shelter and sanctuary

Can be had and held.

Ah, to be like a tree

With all its bent and unbent places,

A whole and holy thing

From its topmost twigs

To the deepest taproot,

To all the good and graceful

Spaces between.

By having a reverence for life, we enter into a spiritual relation with the world. By practicing reverence for life we become good, deep and alive.

-Albert Schweitzer

Of course prayer helps. And knowing that we are one with the power that helps the blade of grass break through the concrete.

-Dorothee Sölle

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